Seaya Endeavors. Previously, Juan worked for BCG, Ericsson and Zero motorbikes
Seaya Endeavors. Previously, Juan worked for BCG, Ericsson and Zero motorbikes

President - Adri?n Ferrero and Alberto Acedo

HQ: Sacramento, Ca DELIVERED inside: The Country Of Spain FOUNDERS AND Chief Executive Officer: Adri?n Ferrero and Alberto Acedo INTERNET SITE: biomemakers MARKET: AgTech POSITION: Latest

An answer for agriculture by producers

CrowdFarming are a renewable farmer-to-consumer industry. The firm provides all the required providers growers should build their particular direct selling channel with end-consumers.

Chief Executive Officer - Gonzalo ?rculo

HQ: Madrid BORN IN: Valencia FOUNDERS: Gonzalo & Gabriel ?rculo, Juliette Simonin, Moises Calvi?o WEB SITE:: Agriculture STATUS: Latest

Accelerating Photovoltaics

RatedPower develops deep technical, user-friendly and secure SaaS systems for renewables and electric system. Their own software—pvDesign— automates and optimizes the study, assessment, style, and manufacturing of solar flowers in all the levels.

President - Andrea Barber, Juan Romero and Miguel ?ngel Torrero

HQ: Madrid DELIVERED IN: 2017 FOUNDERS AND Chief Executive Officer: Andrea Barber, Juan Romero, Miguel ?ngel Torrero WEB SITE:: Green Energy/Photovoltaics REPUTATION: Existing

Revolutionising the bistro industry through technologies

RobinFood is actually a foodtech company that utilizes innovation to give meal into the Latam reasonable and middle-income group

Chief Executive Officer - Jos? Calder?n

HQ: Bogot? BORN IN: Colombia PRESIDENT AND President: Jos? Calder?n WEBSITE: robinfood MARKET: Foodtech POSITION: Existing

Spain’s biggest independent videos On need streaming program

Based in 2007 in Barcelona, Filmin is Spain’s biggest separate contents streaming system for movies and series enthusiasts, using more than 15,000 brands.

CEO - Juan Carlos Tous, Jaume Ripoll and Jos? Antonio de Luna

HQ: Barcelona BORN IN: Spain CREATORS: Juan Carlos Tous, Jaume Ripoll and Jos? Antonio de Luna INTERNET SITE: SECTOR: Streaming Program REPUTATION: Current

Creating shops seamless, pleasing, and much more effective

Sensei could be the top European carrier of autonomous shop. Providing shops are check-out cost-free through a scalable, seamless remedy powered by AI and computer vision.

CEO - Vasco Portugal (CEO), Joana Rafael (COO), Nuno Moutinho (CTO) and Paulo Carreira (CSO)

HQ: Lisbon BORN IN: Portugal CO-FOUNDERS: Vasco Portugal (Chief Executive Officer), Joana Rafael (COO), Nuno Moutinho (CTO) and Paulo Carreira (CSO) SITE: INDUSTRY: Pc vision REPUTATION: Recent

Europe’s top no-code selections platform answer.

Launched in 2019, re:ceeve is actually an affect created program that allows their internal selections teams to take a technology-?rst method of resolving delinquent boasts while supporting the visitors experience. re:ceeve’s cloud-native, AI-driven approach drives efficiencies and outcome end-to-end across the selections & data recovery environment.

President - Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes

HQ: Hamburg BORN IN: Germany CREATORS: Paul Jozefak and Michael Backes WEBSITES: www.receeve INDUSTRY: Fintech UPDATES: Current

Helping enterprises stop electronic fraudulence globally

Revelock makes use of profound training and behavioural biometric technologies to stop electronic scam and construct

Chief Executive Officer - Pablo de la Riva

HQ: Madrid DELIVERED inside: The country of spain FOUNDER AND CEO: Pablo de la Riva WEBSITE: revelock MARKET: Cyber safety REPUTATION: present

Tech-enabled Car-as-a-Service provider

FlexCar supplies an available, versatile and premium automobile membership product

President - Giorgos Desyllas and Konstantinos Davaris

HQ: Athens Delivered in: Greece Creators: Giorgos Desyllas and Konstantinos Davaris Site: Sector: Transportation Status: Present

Transforming the continuing future of actual advantage maintenance

Fracttal try a tech start-up dedicated to higher level maintenance administration expertise aimed at preventing and predicting failures in bodily possessions, through a protected, effective, and mobile AI allowed maintenance control program. Demonstrated progress feature reducing asset disappointments by over 25percent, improving upkeep prices by at least 15per cent and increasing output by above 35percent, whilst reducing injuries and operational possibility.

CEO - Christian Struve and Alejandro Perez

HQ: Madrid DELIVERED IN: Chile CO-FOUNDERS: Christian Struve Chief Executive Officer, Alejandro Perez CTO. INTERNET SITE: www.Fracttal SECTOR: Industrytech POSITION: McKinney escort girl Existing

Predictive personalization technology for motels

The Hotels community support motels enhance their drive bookings and profits adding a layer of apparatus with their site and booking engine

CEO - Juanjo Rodr?guez

HQ: Barcelona FUNDADA EN: The Country Of Spain President: Juanjo Rodr?guez WEB SITE: thehotelsnetwork MARKET: Trips CONDITION: Latest

France’s technology-enabled Purchase Now Pay Later remedy

Launched in 2018, Alma offers hundreds of stores installments and shell out after solutions, online and traditional, to enable them to enhance their marketing and increase customer satisfaction.

President - Louis Chatriot and Guillaume Desloges

HQ: Paris delivered in: France creators: Louis Chatriot and Guillaume Desloges Website: Market: Fintech Condition: Current

Tech-enabled casing repair franchise

Aqui tu Reforma supplies tech-enabled and top-notch household renovations in Spain using more than 100 companies

President - Francisco Mor?n and Enric Aparici

HQ: Barcelona DELIVERED IN: Spain FOUNDERS: Francisco Mor?n and Enric Aparici WEB SITE:: Proptech STATUS: Recent

Plan all your insurances in one place and save a little money and time

Coverfy may be the basic Spanish online insurance broker, which through a no cost software organizes and controls the consumers insurances, optimizing rates and coverages

Chief Executive Officer - Vicente Arias

HQ: Barcelona BORN inside: The Country Of Spain CEO: Vicente Arias WEB SITE: coverfy SECTOR: Insurtech UPDATES: Existing

Transforming the selling and buying of cars in Spain

Clicars could be the Spanish top system from inside the on-line utilized vehicles markets

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