10 Awesome Situations Tinder Shows About Austin People
10 Awesome Situations Tinder Shows About Austin People

Im an individual chap in Austin, which explains why Ive been using using Tinder, the wildly well-known mobile matchmaking application, for some period now.

When I emerged where you can find Austin after investing 8 weeks taking a trip overseas, it took place in my experience that the female of the town were unlike females elsewhere around. Making use of Tinder whilst travelling across European countries and The usa really drove the period homes. It dawned on myself: Can you imagine I could assess my personal conclusions?

So, after studying 100 Tinder profiles and yes, 100 isn't comprehensive by any means, but the trends i discovered within this small study test has truly undoubtedly applied to many Austin females on Tinder and the ones i am aware in person this is just what I read.

10.) Austin female like the outside

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In fact, 55% of the pages I viewed stated they like the outdoors or obtained photo doing backyard tasks.

9.) Austin women like to take in

An impressive 34% of women discuss alcoholic drinks within profiles or have actually photographs of them taking. Thats best at first glance, also.

8.) Austin ladies love canines

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A-quarter of women mention canines in their profiles or have photo with your pet dog. Thats 25 out of 100 ladies who put pets on center of their everyday lives. Those are pretty powerful figures.

7.) Austin ladies are proud of their own studies

Naturally, not totally all the women on Tinder can be found in college, but for the 100 I considered, 19per cent particularly pointed out just what theyre studying.

6.) Austin ladies like to travel

In their pages, 16percent of females utilized the phrase love to search. A lot more mentioned vacationing.

5.) Austin female love their particular sounds

How many ladies who discuss musical or posses photos at concerts was available in at 13percent, but lets be genuine: within community, 13per cent is incredibly lower. Whont including musical? We believe the Tinder users that discuss music become female using their favorite tunes as a deal breaker you are sure that, those High Fidelity kinds, for a moment. Theres plenty of all of them within the Live Music investment around the world.

4.) Austin female dont broadcast their love of fun they just do so

As soon as youve moved as far as I have actually, you are able to discover every cliche throughout the guide. Therefore, it's anything of a comfort that only 12% of Austin ladies wrote they want to chuckle or have fun. Whont? This could sounds strange, however its really extremely telling. Such as, the sheer number of women that declare on their profile which they want to laugh is much greater in a place like vegas.

3.) Austin girls dont have to show exactly how much they like people they know and group

Another cliche range Ive observed during my Tinder journeys may be the phrase love family and friends. Truly? Colors me astonished, I guess. Fortunately, just 10percent of Austin females stated they love family and friends within their users, because of the majority save people from expressing datingmentor.org/cs/seznamovaci-weby well-known.

2.) Austin women dont wish to bore you with her personality test results

In certain towns and cities in which Ive made use of Tinder, a high percentage of women show their own social status with is a result of a prominent individuality test, normally the Myers-Briggs examination. In Austin? Best 8per cent of discussed their particular Myers-Briggs results on their users. Thats most likely great, because people dont must know if someones an introvert or extrovert before fulfilling, especially since those words tend to be very misunderstood.

1.) Austin lady usually do not become pet people

Only 5% of Austin female discussed pets in their pages. Thats peculiar because, even as we spotted with canines, Austin ladies usually say they when theres a significant animal inside their life. Thus, I'm able to just believe that cats are not that popular to the majority with the ladies in Austin Although its a safe bet theres nonetheless a lot of admiration available to choose from the kitties.

Featured pic: Flickr individual Nan Palmero, innovative commons licensed.

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